The Compass eHub is a resource of secure practical online facilities for use by any third sector and non-profit organisation. The resources are free to use and have been developed by the partnership of the above charities to ensure we work together efficiently and in an integrated way for the benefit of our clients.

If you want to know more about Compass in your area, and how your organisation can benefit from being a part of this opportunity, contact the District administrator for your area via Ask a Question, or Register your Organisation (above) for the Area Admin to contact you about signing up. Joining this partnership requires that your organisation adhere to and signs our Data Sharing Protocols and Data Sharing Agreement that will be sent to you when you register your organisation.


MARS (Multi Agency Referral System) provides a secure, quick and easy method of making and receiving client referrals between organisations. Automatic alerts are created, feedback on individual cases can be requested and referrals can be tracked after issue.


CRIS (Client Record Information Service) is a comprehensive client and case recording system, which provides for detailed recording of all client information and associated cases. Currently only available for use by core partners.


PlaceBook provides an easy-to-access view of the availability of all staff in your organisation. You can also allow other registered organisations to view restricted information about who's who in your organisation, their role and their availability.